Gourmandises artisanales écossaises

Pies / Pastries / Rolls


Pies & Pastries

Traditional Lamb "Scotch Pie" / Agneau 2€
Pork Curry / Porc au Curry 2€
Breakfast Pie / petit dej anglais 2€
Haggis Pie 2€
Cottage Pie / Parmentier 2€
Quiche 2€
Macaroni Pie 2€
Pizza 2€
Hand Raised Pork Pie / Petits Pates de pacques 2€
Mince & Onion Rounds 3.50€
Sausage Roll 1.50€


Puff Pastry Steak Pies / Feuilletée Boeuf

1 Person 2.50€
2/3 Person 7.50€
4 Person 11.00€
6/8 Person 19.50€


Homemade Soft Rolls / Petits Pains - Fait Maison

White / Blanc 2.50€ / les 6
Granary / Céreales 3.00€ / les 6



Sausage / Burgers / Puddings


Sausages / Saucisses

Pain Pork / Porc Nature 9.50€/Kg
Cumberland 9.50€/Kg
Lincolnshire 9.50€/Kg
Pork, Leek & Apricot / Poireau Abricot 9.50€/Kg
Chipolatas 9.50€/Kg
Steak Link / Beouf 9.50€/Kg
Steak Lorne slicing sausage (Saucisse Ecossaise à trancher 9.50€/Kg



Pork & Apple / Porc et Pomme 11.50€/Kg
Beef & Onion / Boeuf et Oignon 11.50€/Kg
Cajun Lamb / Agneau Cajun 11.50€/Kg


Sausage Stuffing Meat / Les Farcis

Plain Pork / Porc Nature 9.50€/Kg
Cranberry & Apple / Cranberry & Pomme 9.50€/Kg
Pork & Chestnut / Porc & Chataignes 9.50€/Kg
Sage & Onion / Sauge & Oignon 9.50€/Kg
Pork, Leek & Aprocot / Poireau & Abricot 9.50€/Kg


Haggis & Black Pudding /
Panse de Brebis Farcis & Boudin Noir

Homemade traditional type or slicing haggis/
Panses de brebis farcis - traditionnel Écossais

Homemade Black Pudding - Slicing or Horseshoe/
Boudin Noir Écossais - Traditionnel et à trancher


Bacon & Gammon Joints / Bacon & Jambon Blanc

Unsmoked Back Bacon 12.50€/Kg
Streaky Bacon 9.50€/Kg
Bacon Steaks 12.50€/Kg
Gammon Joint 12.00€/Kg
Gammon Steaks 12.00€/Kg



Beef / Pork / Lamb


Beef/Boeuf (Limouisn Heifer)

Silverside / Roti

Sirloin Steak / Faux Filet 26.50€/Kg
Frying Steak 19.50€/Kg
Fillet / Filet 40€/Kg
Hough / Pot au Feu 11.50€/Kg
Stew / Ragout 11.50€/Kg
Mince / Viande Hachée 11.50€/Kg
Brisket 13.50€/Kg

All other cuts of beef/Pork/Lamb are available! Just ask...
Toutes les autres coupes de boeuf/Porc/Agneau dispondible!


Pork/Porc (Free Range / Plein Air)

Pork Shoulder - Joint/Diced/Minced
(Epaule de Porc - Roti/Morceaux/Hachée)
Gigot Pork - Gigot de Porc 9.50€/Kg
Pork Chops / Cotellettes de Porc 8.90€/Kg
Pork Tenderloin / Filet Mignon 12.40€/Kg

Belly Slices / Ventreches
(Plain or Coated / Nature ou Enrobe)


All other cuts of beef/Pork/Lamb are available! Just ask...
Toutes les autres coupes de boeuf/Porc/Agneau dispondible



Leg of Lamb / Gigot d'agneau 17.50€/Kg

Shoulder - Joint/Diced/Minced
Epaule d'agneau - Roti/Morceaux/Hachée

Lamb Chops / Cotelettes 18.00€/Kg

All other cuts of beef/Pork/Lamb are available! Just ask...
Toutes les autres coupes de boeuf/Porc/Agneau dispondible



Our Outlook


We see MONTYBUTCHER as a novel experience of diversity in farming.

Produce varies from typical British and French to novel Scottish presentations - all prepared from our own animals and presented to you in a way you might not yet have tried!

All our produce is 100% home reared ....

This tiny piece of France has been farmed by us now for 9 years. Having arrived in what could only be described as a French jungle - unfenced, falling to bits, overgrown, deserted for years - we have endeavoured to put it right - with many a hiccups along the way!

After leaving a long established family butcher shop (Est 1965) in Dunoon on the west coast of Scotland to settle here in France we feel the time is right to diversify and share Andrew's butchery/bakery skills with Brits and French alike.

We aim to accommodate both French and Brits tastes and hope to share with you a product range that will be inviting, affordable and most of all TASTY!

For our British customers we hope to give you that wee taste of home that some days we all fancy - the best of both worlds - living in a beautiful country but not giving up your wee bits of home comfort!

Our aim is not to sell products that are seen as an occasional treat BUT wholesome, everyday, affordable food that we can all enjoy without breaking the bank.

No more craving that wee taste of home - MONTYBUTCHER has it all!

No more waiting for friends and family to bring you over your favourites from Britain or searching for equivelants here - we have all your favourites here and they are freshly made daily!

Nothing imported - not frozen - not prepacked - everything 100% fresh !!!!!

To familiarize himself with French cuts of meat Andrew has also worked as a butcher at the abattoir in Confolens. Gaining invaluable experience.

We look forward to seeing you at MONTYBUTCHER!



The Pie, The Legend.

Scotland's original "fast food" also known as a mutton pie, football pie, tuppeny pie, shell pie and since opening the shop have also heard it called a Jock pie ! 
Traditionally the scotch pie was made from minced mutton - a savoury hand held snack with a cult following. Especially as a half time treat at football matches and a welcome easy lunch for workers.

Our scotch pies have a very generous portion of minced prime lamb with a peppery twist and provide a very filling, wholesome meal - traditionally accompanied with a big dollop of baked beans for a hearty lunch...

The pie shells are made here by Andrew using flour, water and lard. The hot melted lard is added to the flour to form a soft dough mixture which is then made into balls. The balls of pastry mixture are placed in the pie shell machine and the shell is formed by the heated dies of the machine. The pie machine was made by Waddell of Wishaw, Scotland in 1920 and has never changed since - as you can see in the photo this contraption is the old original machine - it took a while to master it but we now have the perfect pie shells! The lard we use is rendered on site from pig fat and we use flour from a local mill.

Typically this pie shell would only contain lamb however we have introduced the following range as a handy quick snack to cater for every taste. 

We hope our ever increasing range will make you say "AYE TAE A PIE!"
All of our scotch pies are pre-cooked and only need reheated - Some are equally as tasty cold.

Scotch pie range - all are 2€ each

Traditional scotch pie - home reared minced lamb with a peppery seasoning.

Curry pie - home reared free range pork or beef in the favourites  chip shop curry sauce, peas and onions.

Macaroni cheese pie - macaroni in a real cheddar cheese sauce in a delicious pastry shell and topped with a slice of tomato.

Mince 'n' Tatties pie - traditional cottage pie with minced beef and onion topped with creamy mashed potato.

Haggis neeps 'n' tatties pie - Burns Supper in a pie shell - layers of home made haggis, mashed turnip and mashed potato. 

The full Monty - breakfast pie - layered with black pudding, baked beans, sausage and topped with pieces of bacon. 

Pizza pie - a tasty twist on the pizza - tomato, cheese, onion and ham - a mini pizza in a pie shell.

Quiche pie - a traditional type quiche made with bacon, onions and cheese - delicious hot or cold.




The pastry for the following produce is 100% made fresh daily on the premises by us - using locally sourced flour from a nearby mill... 

Our current range is based on our best selling produce from our butcher shop in Scotland before. Puff pastry "pâte feuilletée" is obviously of French origin - we have the pleasure of bringing it back to France for the French to try in a different way - Bon Appetit ! 

Sausage rolls - a generous helping of  steak sausage wrapped up in puff pastry - 1.50€

BRIDIES - a bit like a pastie - full of minced beef, onion and seasoning -a very filling snack - 2€ each

Cheese & Onion puffs - a square of delicious puff pastry filled with cheddar cheese & onion - 2€ each

Mince & onion rounds - a large helping of minced beef and onion encased in puff pastry top and bottom - a good two portions - 3.50€ each 




Possibly the tastiest fresh ready meal ever - a generous portion of tender beef stew in our own gravy - all sizes available ! As well as the 4 standard sizes we have on offer we can also do steak pies to your own requirements - if you need an extra extra big one or just want it in your own dish then you can bring in your dish and we will fill it and top it with delicious puff pastry!!!! 

All médium, large and extra steak pies are West coast of Scotland style - meaning that as well as the steak there are a few steak sausages on top of the stew - this is not a substitute for the stew but an extra added bonus, the purpose of which is to keep the pastry off the gravy and so stop it going soggy ! Should you prefer you can order a large steak pie without sausages on top !!! The choice is yours .....

INDIVIDUAL STEAK PIE - one person - 2.50€

MÉDIUM - 2/3 people - 7.50€

LARGE - 4 people - 11.50€

XTRA LARGE - 6-8 people - 19.50€ 

(The ultimate desperate dan pie !!!!)

Obviously this is a rough gauge depending on individual appetites ....




Our pork pies are made using the same pastry recipe as for the scotch pie pastry. However they are NOT made by a machine - they are formed one by one by hand !
They contain a generous helping of seasoned pork surrounded by a tasty layer of jelly ! 



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Chez Durand, St Barbant, 87330

4km from "The Shed" Eco Entrepôt

0965102806 / 0684426889

Open: Thu - Sat / 14:00 - 18:00



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